1520 : Candeez Ergonomic Spatulas


• Sturdy, high-grade polypropylene handle with flexible tip optimizes mixing ability
• Designed specifically for easy mixing and application
• Autoclavable to 270°, does not contain latex
• Available in scented or unscented, colors, and sizes for every fit

Scented  7 ½”L
Ref # Description Color
1520BP Bubblegum scent Pink
1520LG Lime scent   Green
1520TO Tangerine scent Orange
1520MA Mint scent Aquamarine
Unscented 7 ½”L
Ref # Description
1520W White
1520GY Grey
1520B Blue
1520P Purple
1520M Mauve
1520Y Yellow
Special Sizes
Ref # Description Size   Color
1520LW Left-Handed design 7 ½”L White
1522W Jumbo 11”L White


Instructions: Use and Cleaning Spatulas