3800 : Protectall™ Upholstery Cleaner Wipes


Palmero’s Protectall™Upholstery Cleaner Wipes are premoistened wipes containing an advanced water-based silicone formula.

• Safely protects, cleans, and restores leather, vinyl, plastic, and rubber upholstery surfaces like x-ray aprons and dental unit chairs

• Recommended for periodic use after disinfecting upholstery surface with DisCide® Ultra surface disinfectant

• Evenly wipe down the surfaces with Protectall wipes and allow to dry to touch

Ref #
Protectall Upholstery Cleaner Wipes
10" x 12"
50 count canister
10DIS DisCide® Ultra Towelettes 10½” x 10” 60 count canister
60DIS DisCide® Ultra Towelettes 6” x 6 ¾” 160 count canister
3565Q DisCide® Ultra Quart Sprayer Quart 1 bottle sprayer
3565G DisCide® Ultra Gallon Refill  Gallon 1 gallon container