Apr-2024: Eye Safety in the Orthodontist Office

Mar-2024: Dental Evacuation Lines: Function, Backflow, and Maintenance

Feb-2024: Protective Eyewear in Dentistry

Jan-2024: Navigating Healthcare Safely - The Role of OSAP


Dec-2023: 2023 Year in Review

Nov-2023: Insights on Dental Standards

Oct-2023: October is National Dental Hygiene Month!

Sep-2023: Did You Know? September is DICAM

Aug-2023: Personal Protective Equipment: Best Practices for Pediatric Patients

July-2023: Water in and Water out: What's the Difference?

June-2023: Biofilms: What Are They, and What Challenges Do They Present to Health Care Facilities?

May-2023: May is Healthy Vision Month!

Apr-2023: Oral Cancer Awareness and Continuing Education

Mar-2023: Environmental Surface Barriers

Feb-2023: Observe National Children's Dental Health Month

Jan-2023: Guiding Compliance with Emerging Standards


Dec-2022: Year in Review: Opinion Leader Articles

Nov-2022: Eye Protection: A Good Look

Oct-2022: Palmero Healthcare Supports Breast Cancer Awareness

Sep-2022: Dental Infection Control Awareness Month

Aug-2022: August is Children's Eye Health and Safety Awareness Month

July-2022: The Surface Disinfectant Label: Informative and Important

June-2022: Don't Compromise on Eye Safety

May-2022: Surface Disinfection: Back to Basics

April-2022: Happy Earth Day!

March-2022: Recognize Workplace Eye Wellness Month

Feb-2022: Children's Dental Health Month

Jan-2022: Hand Hygiene: Principles, Practices, and Cautions


Nov-2021: Common Questions Concerning COVID-19 Vaccines and Vaccination

Oct-2021: Decide to Disinfect with DisCide Ultra

Sept-2021: Vaccines, Vaccinations, and COVID-19 Challenges

Aug-2021: What Should You Know About Biofilms? - Part 2

July-2021: Compliance in the Era of COVID

June-2021: What Should You Know About Biofilms?

May-2021: The Four C's of Safety Eyewear

Apr-2021: Q&A on Eye Health

Mar-2021: Q&A on Dental Standards

Feb-2021: Q&A on Pediatric Vaccination for NCDHM

Jan-2021: Understanding Vaccine Development


Dec-2020: Year in Review-Opinion Leader Articles

Nov-2020: Optimizing and Maintaining an Evacuation System

Oct-2020: Hand Hygiene: Principles, Practices, and Cautions

Sept-2020: Talking With Children During COVID About Dental Visits

Aug-2020: Improving Compliance Through CE

July-2020: Prevention is Better than Cure

June-2020: Infection Control Challenges Presented by Aerosol-Generating Dental Procedures: Part II

May-2020: Infection Control Challenges Presented by Aerosol-Generating Dental Procedures: Part I

Apr-2020: X-Ray Shielding Recommendations

Mar-2020:  Coronaviruses and Reoccurring Outbreaks: Back to the Future?

Feb-2020:  Dr. Marie Fluent on Best Practices and Tips for Pediatric Patients

Jan-2020: Protecting Clinicians, Patients, and the Practice


Dec-2019: 3 Safety and Infection Control Steps to Explain to Your Patients

Nov-2019: Protecting the Thyroid Gland in Dental Settings

Oct-2019: Palmero Healthcare Supports Breast Cancer Awareness

Sept-2019: Q&A with Dr. Katherine Schrubbe on Shortcuts with Long-Term Negative Outcomes 

Aug-2019: Karen Daw on Selecting Appropriate Safety Glasses 

July-2019: Dr. John A. Molinari on Surface Disinfection

June-2019: Q&A with Joyce Moore on Magnification and PPE

May-2019: Q&A with Dr. Juan Yepes on Radiation Safety

Apr-2019: Q&A with Andrea Cook on Ortho Radiograph Safety

Mar-2019: Q&A with Dr. Sheri B. Doniger on Evacuation Line Cleaners & Eye Conservation in Dental Practices    

Feb-2019: Children's Dental Health Month Spotlight: Q & A with Dr. Juan Yepes on Children's Safety

Jan-2019: Use and Misuse of Disposable Devices in Dentistry



Dec-2018: Hand Hygiene: Does Hand Hygiene Really Work? 

Nov-2018: Does Your Radiation Program Cover All Aspects of Radiation Safety?

Oct-2018: Palmero Introduces New ProVision Safety Eyewear

Sep-2018: The Four C's of Safety Eyewear/Look Out for New Eyewear from Palmero!

Aug-2018: Children's Eye Health and Safety Awareness Month

Jul-2018: Palmero Healthcare Happy Face Design Gets a NEW Companion!

Jun-2018: Light Curing Basics and Recommendations for Eye Safety

May-2018: Protective Eyewear Is Not Just A Safety Option. It's A Necessity

Apr-2018: Are you registered for Safety First! Protect Yourself, Your Patients and Your Practice? (FREE Webinar & CEU Credit)

Mar-2018: How Important Are Your Eyes?

Feb-2018: The Next Generation of Disposable Face Shields Is Here!/Breaking the Chain of Infection with PPE 

Jan-2018: Palmero Healthcare releases 2 new products for the new year

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