Safety Eyewear


ProVision® New Safety Eyewear   

Introducing Palmero Healthcare’s newest safety eyewear to enhance eyesight protection and comfort for safety compliance for clinicians, patients, and the practice. Our safety eyewear meets ANSI Z87.1 eye and face protection standards with UVA and UVB protection.

Implement an Eye Conservation Program for your Practice

Select safety eyewear that serves dental professionals and patients in your practice on multiple levels to: eliminate blue light exposure; protect against spray, splash and splatter for infection control; protect from high impact flying projectiles that can cause permanent damage to the eye and are comfortable enough to insure compliance.

The Four C’s of Safety Eyewear: Certified + Clarity + Comfort = Compliance

CERTIFIED Meets industry standards and guidelines for lens, cornea, and retina protection i.e., ANSI Z87.1, OSHA and CDC. Wraparound design for full coverage. Manufactured from high impact resistant materials to protect from flying debris and projectiles. Specialty bonding lens filters out damaging Blue Light 400nm-500nm levels to the retina.

CLARITY Excellent optics for visual acuity provided by anti-fog coating, scratch resistant technologies, and superior lens designs.

COMFORT Broad range of frame, temple, and nose bridge styles to provide an individualized fit for all day security and optimal comfort.

COMPLIANCE Willingness and discipline to use safety eyewear for everyone, in every procedure, every day.


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