26CUSMILEY : Cling Shield Pano-Petite/Child Dual Apron, Lead-Free



Palmero’s Cling Shield® X-Ray product line is designed to protect your staff and patients from harmful radiation.

We’re excited to introduce our new smiley face design for our x-ray aprons! Young and old will recognize this fun design that has become so popular with social media. The new design has the same great quality and features as our classic smiley face. So whether you’re new school or old school, both designs are available for your selection. 

• Covers in front from shoulders to below gonadal area. Back is the same length as front. Velcro clasp at shoulder.
• 197/8” x 19½”

Ref # Description Thickness Weight Color
26CU    SMILEY Lead-Free .3MM 7.50 lbs Slate Blue ONLY
26C SMILEY Lead-Lined .3MM 9 lbs Slate Blue ONLY
26CU HAPPYFACE Lead-Free .3MM 7.50 lbs

Blue & White Stripes ONLY


Lead-Lined .3MM 9 lbs Blue & White Stripes ONLY