1808S : HVEsolo™ Disposable Evacuation Tips


• Uniquely designed for clinicians performing power instrumentation (air polishing/ultrasonic) procedures without an assistant
• Prevent disease transmission with HVE as it’s been shown to reduce contamination arising from the operative site by more than 90%*
• 3 vent design and smooth round edges gently retract lip/cheek and protect soft tissues to maximize patient comfort
• Proper venting and a wide scoop tip design maximize suction to clear the field of fluid and debris efficiently
• Reduced shaft length (50%) lessens tension/draft from the hose and allowing a more neutral wrist positioning for clinician comfort
• Beveled interface smoothly inserts into standard HVE adaptor

• Does not contain latex

Ref # Size Quantity
1808S 2.5" Length 50/bag