3547 : Vacuum Clean™


Dental Product Shopper Evaluation & Rating 

• Second stage in Palmero 2-Step Evacuation System Maintenance Kit
• Time-released tablet; use 1 tablet weekly
• Continuously cleans evacuation system lines
• Restores pressure, and extends pump life
• Keeps vacuum lines functioning at peak efficiency
• Can be used as a cost effective detergent to clean high/low speed lines from tip to trap by dissolving 5 tablets in the Pour and Clean pre-mix bottle (3547P) for premixing concentrate
• Compatible with amalgam separator systems
• Neutral (7 pH) formulation follows EPA Guidelines for waterline management
• Does not contain bleach, chlorine, iodine, peroxide, or any oxidizers

To clean high/low speed lines: Dissolve 5 Vacuum Clean tablets in Pour and Clean 16 oz. dispenser (#3547P) and add hot water. Two oz. concentrated solution equals 1 gal. evacuation line solution. Aspirate 1 quart per operatory to treat HVE and low speed lines.


Ref #         Quantity
3547          45 tablet/jar