3746B : ProVision® Kool Daddy™ Bifocal


• Fog-free, scratch-resistant
• Sleek, lightweight wraparound design
• Includes a slip-on neoprene protective sleeve with heavy-duty belt clip
• Blocks up to 95% of UVA and UVB rays
• Meets ANSI Z87.1 standard

Ref # Description Diopter
3740A Black frame/clear lens 1.0 diopter
3740B Black frame/clear lens 1.5 diopter
3740C Black frame/clear lens 2.0 diopter
3740D Black frame/clear lens 2.5 diopter
3740E Black frame/clear lens 3.0 diopter
3745B Black frame/grey lens 1.0 diopter
3745C Black frame/grey lens 2.0 diopter
3745D Black frame/grey lens 2.5 diopter
3746B Black frame/indoor-outdoor lens 1.5 diopter
3746C Black frame/indoor-outdoor lens 2.0 diopter
3746D Black frame/indoor-outdoor lens 2.5 diopter