3905C: Dynamic Disposables® Office Pack Grey


Palmero is pleased to announce a new addition to our line of Dynamic Disposables™, a lightweight, disposable cost-effective alternative eye protection that reduces eye splash contamination incidents. This new grey lens office pack contains ten reusable frames, a cord, and twenty disposable lenses designed and tested to protect the eyes of both clinicians and patients.

  • Comfortable. Convenient. Disposable.
  • Includes latex free frame, lens and cord.
  • Save money with bulk ordering.
Ref# Description  Quantity
3905C Office Pack 10 frames, 20 grey lenses, 1 cord   
3906C Office Pack 10 frames, 20 orange bonding lenses, 1 cord   
3915 Office Pack 10 frames, 20 pink strip/clear lenses, 1 cord   
3900 Office Pack 10 frames, 20 assorted  color strips/clear lenses, 1 cord 
3908 Value Pack 25 frames, 100 assorted  color strips/clear lenses, 5 cords